Adam Corbally brings energy and charisma into any event, making it an unforgettable experience for the audience.

His dynamic, unique speaking style and storytelling loaded with genuine enthusiasm and relatable anecdotes, creates a unique connection with all audiences from education to corporate, Adam always gets results with a call to action that helps people make things happen.

Public Speaking Workshops

The U.Ks top 3 fears….

1. Public speaking

2. Spiders

3. Death

This makes no sense!

People are more scared of speaking to a bunch of people than they are being bitten to death by Spiders. Adam can help change that!

Adam became a public speaker the hard way. As a terribly shy youngster, he was always nervous about speaking in public and suffered from stage fright this was his downfall when he appeared on The Apprentice on BBC1. Sailing through the process, Adam was the favourite to win when he reached the final 5 and was described by Lord Sugar as “someone you would want in the trenches with you”.

Then this happened…

This disaster was watched by 10 million people and made Adam determined he wasn’t going to be remembered as the guy who couldn’t speak in public, so he started again from scratch, seeking guidance and training for some of the best speakers in the U.K. Adam started practicing new techniques and using these built the courage to go out and speak in public again.

As one of the most in demand motivational speakers Adam has now delivered to audiences totalling over 500,000 people in the U.K. and abroad and now delivers workshops in public speaking, passing on what he has learnt in over a decade of being a professional motivational speaker achieving amazing results in the corporate sector and education.

If you, your company, colleagues, or students feel they would benefit from a fun public speaking workshop, overcome their fears associated with public speaking, learn how to turn those nerves into energy and be brilliant at speaking and presenting, please do check out

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